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Rather than providing a standard demonstration we believe there is more value in providing a demonstration that’s bespoke to your specific circumstances. Addressing the needs particular of your business and demonstrating how Avanti Slingshot® MIS solves your unique challenges to create value.

If you want to see how your business could benefit from optimised workflows you already have in place, our specialists will guide you through a free workflow evaluation to review the six key business segments you should be evaluating regularly. We’ll help you identify and address gaps in your automation, additional tasks you could automate and potential process fixes.

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Below is a selection of useful information and guides to help you explore and understand everything you need to know about Avanti Slingshot® MIS before you complete your decision-making.

The complimentary guides provide useful detail on How to Buy and How to Implement a print MIS software. But if you require any further detail or have a specific need please feel free to speak to one of our MIS specialists.

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