Forget the
agonising wait.

Our printers give you pin-sharp results, fast.

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Forget about a manual.

Our printers come with a Smart Operation Panel that just makes things easy.

Forget downtime
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Forget about
running costs.

Our printers have one of the lowest total costs of ownership of their kind.

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Introducing the world's most forgettable A3 printers

Now where were we? Ah, yes! Forgetting about your office printer. When a printer works really well that’s exactly what you can do. It’s why we designed our all-in-one A3 printers to perform simply and brilliantly. So you can simply focus on business. And your team? Of course, everyone’s different. Which is why our printers come with smart controls that adapt to each and every user. So they’re not only simple for everyone but uniquely useful too. Get a Quick Quote


What wait?

Whether it’s a single sheet or a large run of documents, our printers give you pin-sharp results, fast. What’s more, they enable you to print and share documents from your mobile: any time; anywhere. So you can forget the print queue too.
Instant Solutions

No manual required.

Our printers come with a Smart Operation Panel that configures to YOUR needs. It makes things easy and brings you useful apps at the touch of an icon. In-built troubleshooting resolves things in an instant. Bye-bye manual. Bye-bye downtime.
Running costs that won't leave you smarting

Running costs that won’t leave you smarting.

You’ll quickly take quality and usability as a given. And there’ll be no rude awakenings when it comes to running costs. Our printers have one of the lowest total costs of ownership of their kind. And on energy use, they’re low. So they help you cut costs and carbon.
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There are plenty more business distractions our all-in-one A3 printers can help you forget.

Forget being one-sided

With duplex scanning and printing, at blistering speeds, you can forget wasting time handling pages twice. You can forget wasting paper too.

Forget fuzzy

Our all-in-one office printers use the same high-resolution colour toner technology you’ll find in our professional digital print machines. Forget looking anything other than best in class.

Forget interruptions

Yes! we know, toner always seems to run out when you’re in a rush. That’s why our machines keep you informed of levels at a glance. And our on-the-fly replacement system makes changing toner pit-stop quick.

Forget thinking small

Our 1000-sheet hybrid finisher handles the demands of diverse work groups with ease. Forget wasting time reloading different stocks and sizes. You can load them all at once. And output in a wide range of formats.

Forget false starts

Our printers sense as you’re approaching. So they are ready when you are. Forget wasting energy (yours or your printers).

We could say more. But we’d rather know what you want to forget about your printer. Talk to
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